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Scarey Man - Inflatable Scarecrow
Bird Scare Products
Australian Distributors of Bird Control Visual Products
Pest-Away Australia introduced Scarey Man to Australia in Spring 2000 and has had outstanding success ever since with sales to a diverse range of industries from viticulture, aquaculture and horticulture to domestic and even industrial applications, several having been purchased for tailings dams for gold mines.

Manufactured in England, Scarey Man was invented in the 1980’s and has undergone improvements and upgrades ever since, with three models currently available.

One of the main aims in bringing Scarey Man to Australia is to offer a viable alternative to gas guns which, even though still widely in use, are generally losing their effectiveness as well as becoming increasingly in breach of local council noise pollution laws. Scarey Man is similar in price to many gas guns but offers the advantage of surprise by visual as well as audible means.

Read testimonials of Scarey Man’s effectiveness

Scarey Man Movie View the Scarey Man movie here!

The Scarey Man automatic scarecrow is a man-sized inflatable scarecrow whose secret to success lies in the element of surprise caused when he suddenly inflates and then rapidly deflates, seven times over a 25 second period.

A siren can be activated at each inflation and, in some models, he will glow bright red - very effective in the dark.

Scarey Man is powered by a 12 volt battery and is very portable. A car battery, placed inside the housing, is ample power and will only need to be recharged every couple of weeks in most situations.

If necessary, a larger truck or tractor battery can be placed on the ground beside Scarey Man - the terminal leads are long enough to reach through the housing. He is totally weatherproof, as one would expect for something developed in England.

The best way of using Scarey Man is to move him every few days. In high crops, placing him on top of a drum or stack of pallets will increase his area of influence.

It is also possible to increase Scarey Man’s effective range also by placing bundles of similar-appearing fabric around the crop. As long as you regularly swap the real Scarey Man with the look-alikes, birds are unable to differentiate between them and are wary of the whole lot.

Scarey Man’s body is made of tough, UV proofed woven polyethylene fabric, which will give you many seasons of use. In the highly unlikely event of tearing occurring, Scarey Man can easily be patched with a strip of gaffer tape (5cm plastic tape) on the inside of the body.

Or if need be, we have replacement Scarey Man Bodies available - Just contact us.

Full operating instructions and a 12 month written warranty are provided.

Three models of Scarey Man are available:
Automated Scarecrow

Scarey Man Day-Unit

$896.50 (AUD - GST Inc.)


Day Unit: works during daylight hours only, through the use of a daylight sensor. It activates approximately every 18 minutes, leaping into action seven times over a 25 second period.

Automated Scarecrow

Scarey Man Multi-Use Unit

$1,056.00 (AUD - GST Inc.)


Multi-use Unit: operates the same as the Day Unit, but has the option to work either during the day, during the night or for 24 hours a day. It illuminates at night.

Automated Scarecrow

Scarey Man Pre-set Timer Unit

$1,210.00 (AUD - GST Inc.)


Pre-set Timer Unit: provides the ultimate in the element of surprise, the most important aspect of bird scaring. Through the use of a programmable digital timer, the operator can set periods of operation as required. Up to 8 separate periods of time per day can be selected and these can be varied for each day of the week. In other words, 56 different periods of activation can be set at once. These will remain the active settings, altering on a selected daily basis until the clock is reset.

An example of the chosen settings may be: Monday 5:15am to 6:30am, 7:15am to 8:00am, 12 noon to 12:45pm, 5:45pm to 6:50pm. Tuesday 5:00am to 6:00am, 11:30am to 1:00pm etc.

During the active times, Scarey Man will leap into action approximately every 18 minutes. This unit also illuminates at night.

Automated Scarecrow
  • innovative alternative to gas guns
  • extremely portable
  • scares birds with a combination of movement and sound
  • lights up at night (Multi & Pre-set models)
  • effective on both day and night-time predators
  • negligible running costs
  • proven on water birds - ducks or Cormorants
Automated Scarecrow

Optional Extras (listed below) Explained
In order to increase the element of surprise, you can choose to have an easy-to-install variable timer fitted as an Optional Extra. Once a variable timer is installed, the operator can alter how often Scarey Man activates simply by rotating a knob. We will fit a variable timer to your Scarey Man before dispatch if you wish. Or, if required subsequent to purchase of Scarey Man, we can provide installation and operating instructions. They can be fitted in about ten-fifteen minutes to any of the three models.

Automated Scarecrow

Scarey Man Variable Timer (2 to 18 minutes)

$198.00 (AUD - GST Inc.)


2 to 18 Minute variable timer: allows the operator to set activation to anything between 2 and 18 minute intervals instead of just the standard 18 minutes.
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