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All Polycarbonate Bird Spikes
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This innovative pest bird control roosting deterrent product is cheaper than stainless steel bird spikes and every bit as effective.

Developed as a simple, humane, permanent solution to the problem of pest birds, this bird deterrent product is designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting in inappropriate places and has been widely used worldwide in industrial, commercial, public and domestic situations.

The product is one-piece moulded in translucent UV treated polycarbonate (almost white). Making it an alternative product for applications where metal of stainless steel bird spikes cannot be tolerated (such as TV Antennas or other communication devices). It is readily fixable to such devices with a high quality silicon based adhesive - such as AVISIL.

The polycarbonate bird spikes come in 300mm strips, ten strips per box. When assembled end to end, one box will span 3 metres. Individual strips can be cut to length to provide an exact fit.

The 114mm high polycarbonate spikes alternate, with a single plain, almost vertical spike followed by a slightly more angled spike with a cluster of three smaller spikes branching out from it. The overall spread of the spikes is approximately 50mm outward from the base.

The narrow polycarbonate spikes, shown in the topmost image, consist of a 12.5mm wide base with the alternating spikes along one edge. They are designed for ledges 64mm deep or less.

The standard polycarbonate bird spikes shown in images 2 and 3, consist of two narrow spike strips welded together. This gives a double row of alternating spikes on a 25mm wide base, with an overall spike spread of 114mm. These sections are designed to protect a ledge up to 160mm wide.

If you need to protect a wider area - perhaps over 250mm - a double row of bird roosting spikes may need to be considered.

Box of 3 metres
(10 x 300mm strips)

$46.20 (AUD - GST Inc)


Box of 3 metres
(10 x 300mm strips)

$67.10 (AUD - GST Inc)

Qty: Sorry! Currently Out of StockSorry! Currently Out of Stock

Polycarbonate Bird Spike Features:
  • unique "feathered" design which improves the deterrent
  • translucent
  • durable - UV Stabilised
  • flexible
  • easy to install with adhesives - such as AVISIL
  • installation instructions included
  • Orders of 10 Boxes (30 metres), or more, may attract a discount
    Please contact us for details.
TV Antennas

Because these spikes are made totally of polycarbonate, they are non-conductive, so will not interfere with electronic communications. They can be attached to TV antennas to prevent nuisance birds from landing and fouling. For this purpose, cable tying as well as gluing is recommended.


The polycarbonate spikes are not suitable for deterring possums.
AVIPOINT P32 Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are the better product for this application.

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