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Bird Management Techniques
Control of pest birds falls into four basic categories (in order of effectiveness):-
  • Bird Proofing - Exclusion
  • Bird Scare - Deterrence
  • Bird Control - Population Reduction
  • Bird Management - Crop or Food Management
Pest-Away Australia is a supplier of Bird Proofing and Bird Scare products. We can also advise on Bird Control and Bird Management techniques.

Behaviour of Australian Pest Bird Species
Birds are both intelligent and cunning, and as their personalities and habits vary greatly between species, it is crucial that each species is judged individually.

They can be sedentary, travel in a local area, or be migratory. Some travel in large numbers, while others live singly, or in small flocks. Some are territorial and others are not.

So you can see immediately that homework needs to be done before embarking on a pest bird management programme.

Typical Bird Pest Control Situations & Species
Typical Pest Bird Situations
  • all crops and gardens
  • airports
  • aquaculture
  • boats and marinas
  • bowling greens, golf courses, etc.
  • buildings - industrial, commercial & residential
  • grain silos
  • mining
  • solar pool heating
  • timber window frames, etc.
  • vineyards
  • windows

Typical Pest Species
  • blackbirds
  • cockatoos, galahs and corellas
  • common mynas (Indian mynas)
  • cormorants
  • crows, currawongs and ravens
  • cuckoo-shrikes, bowerbirds and orioles
  • domestic pigeons
  • ducks and swans
  • figbirds
  • honeyeaters
  • parrots, lorikeets and rosellas
  • seagulls
  • silvereyes
  • sparrows
  • starlings
Important Considerations in Implementing Bird Pest Control
In deciding how to approach a bird pest problem, consideration should be given to the following:-

Cost Effectiveness
For example, netting is the most effective bird excluder, but unless a crop is of very high value, its cost may well be too great.

Environmental Considerations
Be aware of the needs of the surrounding area. For example, it isn't likely to impress neighbours in an urban situation to have a gas gun discharging periodically.

The states of Australia all have laws protecting various birds, as well as laws restricting or prohibiting the use of certain chemicals. Also, it is becoming increasingly common for state and local governments to place restrictions on the noise output and frequency of use of gas guns, as well as the hours during which they may be operated.

Summary - Steps to succeed in Bird Pest Deterrence
There are many different situations in which birds are pests, and many options to choose from regarding minimising the problems they cause. If exclusion is out of the question, then deterrence is probably the best avenue left for you to pursue.

To succeed with a pest bird deterrence mission, you must follow these three steps:-

Gather knowledge on the culprits before you implement your plan of attack.

Be versatile. Change types, colours and positions of scaring devices frequently. Keep the birds wary, or even better, keep them scared stiff.

Don't give up. If they become accustomed to your methods and begin to ignore them, introduce something new immediately.

Exclusion or deterrence of pest birds using our bird control products correctly will reduce or eliminate your problem.

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