Ordering & Shipping
Cut-to-Length Bird Netting

Pest-Away Australia provides two methods for supplying 'Throw-Over' style bird netting. Which particular method you use will primarily depend upon the total quantity (length in whole metres) you need.

The first method is for smaller orders that are custom cut-to-length to your desired quantity and can be ordered completely online (no need any quote system - with one netting type exception).

That one exception (for the cut-to-length ordering method) relates to the "Over 20m Limit" for the Premium Plus 45 - 13m Wide netting. This would be for desired lengths that are 21m to 35m long (in the 13m wide). These orders do need to go through a quote system.

The second method is for bulk orders of whole bales (or selected half bales).  There is no custom cutting to length on these. Bulk Net orders must first go through a quote process. You would use our Bulk Net web-page to do this (not our Cut-to-Length web-page).


We have selected nets of varying widths, colours and grades that have been made available as a custom cut-to-length. These nets are cut off a master bale and can be conveniently ordered entirely online without the need for a quote on the postage. Simply choose your desired net type (width, colour & grade), enter the quantity (in whole metres) into the shopping cart and click on "Order".

The shopping cart will then show you the cost for the quantity you have chosen and list the applicable postage (with Australia Post). The postage is for Australian destined orders only.

International Orders can still be placed online but the Shopping Cart figure is not final and your order will be placed on Hold while it goes through a freight quote process.

Cut-to-Length Limits

However, there are limits on how much length that can be ordered (as cut-to-length) online. Typically this limit is governed by packaging size (what Australia Post can handle). That limit can be different for each net type and should be written in the text preceding the Shopping Cart or labelled in red, adjacent to (or immediately below) the "Order" button.

The limit is in aggregate. That is - Total - for one complete online order. You cannot get around the limit by doing multiple entries (each less than the limit) on the one Shopping Cart order.

An order exceeding the limit involves multiple packaging, thus making the Online Shipping Fee invalid and is considered a Bulk Order.

If you accidentally order a quantity that exceeds this limit - The Shopping Cart may still accept it, but Pest-Away Australia will contact you and let you know that we may not be able to fill that order as presented and offer you an alternative way of ordering.

It may well be cheaper to obtain a quote from the Bulk Net web-page for larger quantities anyway.

Please see our "Shipping" web-page for further details on shipping parcels by Australia Post.

Bulk Netting

As the name suggests, the Bulk Netting page is for ordering larger quantities of netting (quantities that exceeds the Cut-to-Length limits).

The netting on the Bulk Netting page all ship by courier and needs to operate via an online 'Quote Request' system because of the vast differences in shipping costs across Australia (or overseas).


Please visit our Bulk Net web-page to view what is available and request a quote.